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SOF 2.8.0 is here

By December 18, 2023December 19th, 2023Blog


  • New platforms support: AMD ACP6.3
  • New Data Processing (DP) Queue functionality added: Provides new capabilities to connect pipelines across DSP cores, and to connect modules with different processing rates.
  • New modules: SRC Lite
  • New components migrated to Module API: DC Block, Google RTC, ASRC
  • New tools: SOF ALSA plugin added that can run SOF pipelines on generic Linux host
  • Refactored Smart Amp module: Added a new two-layer structure – a generic common part and an implementation-specific inner part.
  • Topology2.0 Infrastructure: Added ALSA enum and switch controls support, new benchmarking topologies, and updated Doxygen documentation.
  • Topologies: New AMD Soundwire, multiple new/updated Intel Meteor Lake topologies
  • Zephyr updated to 3.5 baseline (for Zephyr based SOF builds).

Learn more about the release here.

Signed binaries for selected Intel platforms are here.