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SOF 2.7.0 is here

By September 27, 2023Blog

SOF 2.7.0 focuses on optimization of key audio components and extends the usage of Zephyr as the RTOS for SOF.


  • New platforms support: AMD Van Gogh
  • Performance optimizations to audio components: Aria, Volume, Time Domain Fixed Beamformer (TDFB), MFCC Feature Extractor
  • Pipeline 2.0: Work has begun to improve the pipeline framework aimed at reducing memory consumption and supporting distributing pipelines across multiple DSP cores.
  • Improved audio stub infrastructure to help with 3rd-party module integration.
  • Zephyr Ready: First-production quality SOF platform released for Meteor Lake using native Zephyr RTOS.

Learn more about the release here.

Signed binaries for selected Intel platforms are here.