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SOF 2.5.0 is here

By March 30, 2023Blog

SOF 2.5.0 includes the following highlights:

  • New platforms support: Mediatek mt8188
  • New audio modules: ARIA (Automatic Regressive Input Amplifier Module)
  • New modules migrated to Module API: SRC
  • Significant performance optimizations: dcblock (upto 50%). mixer (upto 18%), volume (upto 15%), copier (upto 33%), eqiir
  • Continued adoption of Zephyr native interfaces in the SOF application code: module initialization now done with SYS_INIT(), removal of XTOS dependency in idc.h/task.h/io.h interfaces.
  • Removal of legacy Intel platforms — support for these platforms will continue via the SOF stable-v2.2 branch. The remaining Intel platforms in SOF mainline all use Zephyr as the RTOS.

Learn more about the release here.