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SOF 2.4.1 is here

By January 24, 2023Blog

SOF 2.4.1 is the first release using Zephyr RTOS with native Zephyr device drivers (on some Intel platforms) and Windows IPC. This should be the last “opt-in” intermediary release as code is transitioned to support Zephyr RTOS, topology2, Module API, and IPC abstraction (IPC3/4) support.


  • Zephyr RTOS with Zephyr device drivers on the Intel Tigerlake platform as a user “opt-in.” The default is TGL (xtos) on v2.2.
  • IPC configuration now defaults to IPC4 (version used on Windows) on Intel platforms; topology has been upgraded to version 2.
  • Lots of processing optimizations and increased use of SIMD intrinsics in hot processing code.
  • About 50% of processing modules have been upgraded to the new Module API alongside the initial introduction of IADK API (to support reuse of 3rd party modules from Windows).
  • Support for Cadence MP3 and AAC decoders (IPC3 only atm).

Learn more about the release here.