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SOF 2.3 is here

By October 4, 2022Blog

SOF 2.3 is the first release to use Zephyr as the RTOS on selected platforms! It includes the following features:

  • Support for next-generation AMD Rembrandt and Intel Raptor Lake platforms.
  • The Zephyr RTOS is available on the Intel Tiger Lake platform as a user “opt-in”; the default is TGL (xtos) on v2.2.
  • SIMD (Hifi3/4) Performance improvements have been made on the mixer, copier, PCM converter, and volume components with up to 25-60% speed improvement depending on the use case.
  • SPARE support has been added to the codebase and is used to partition memory pointers into cache and uncache types.

Learn more about the release here.